Modern Insulation

Fire Protection

Besides saving you money, Cellulose insulation also provides extremely effective fire protection capabilities.

Tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® show that Cellulose insulation provides an effective 1 hour fire rating. This will slow the spread of a fire allowing you more time to escape any danger. This is because Cellulose is specially treated using Borate Compound Chemicals as a fire retardant in the manufacturing process to meet or exceed all fire safety requirements.

The following table shows two key measures of how three types of insulation react in a fire: speed of “Flame Spread” and “Smoke Developed.”  The lower the numbers, the better.

Flame Spread refers to the speed at which flames “spread” along the surface of the insulating material. “Smoke Developed” refers to the amount of smoke that is produced while the product burns. In most house fires, it is not the flames which cause serious personal injury but rather smoke inhalation. Smoke also increases confusion during a crisis and obscures important fire exits.

Insulation Type
Flame Spread
Smoke Developed
Modern Cellulose Insulation ≤5 ≤50
Fiberglass ≤5 ≤50
Open Cell Foam 25 <450