Modern Insulation

Sound Control

Cellulose insulation provides very effective sound control to minimize outside noises and between rooms (if the interior walls are insulated). Many people only focus on the energy savings that can be achieved with Cellulose insulation but overlook the benefits that come from improved sound insulation. If you have ever walked into a house that is not insulated you will immediately notice that noises from outside of the house are “louder” than in an insulated home. This is because the sound transmission coefficient (STC) is lower. The STC is a calculation of the acoustic performance of a wall or ceiling and a higher number is better than a lower number.

Drywall and lumber have low STC ratings compared to walls or ceilings with Cellulose insulation in them. Unless you are looking for perfect acoustic control, adding Cellulose insulation within interior walls is the most cost-effective and efficient way to minimize sound transmission between rooms or from the outside.

Comparison of STC Ratings