Modern Insulation

How to Install

There are two techniques that can be used to install Cellulose insulation: Dry and “moisture added.”  The moisture-added technique is not recommended for Do-It-Yourselfers and should only be done by trained installers. To learn more about this method of installation click here.

Cellulose insulation is applied using special equipment that is available for rent at most big box stores, specialty lumber yards and most tool rental centers. This blower can often be rented for free when purchasing the Cellulose insulation from the same store, so be sure to check.

Two people are required to run the equipment. The equipment is made up of two parts: a “blowing machine” and a hose. One person feeds dry fiber into the “blowing machine” which is a type of holding tank for the Cellulose. The other person operates a hose that is extended to the locations where the insulation will be deposited.

The blowing machine can be located inside or outside the house depending on which is most convenient to the area to be insulated. Follow the directions on the equipment to adjust the ratio of air to fiber to get the right mix to ensure complete insulation coverage.