Modern Insulation

Greenest of the Green Campaign

The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (CIMA) is actively promoting the environmental benefits of Cellulose insulation through its “Greenest of the Green” program. This program is designed to get members more involved in charitable endeavors in their communities to tell the environmental story of Cellulose insulation.

Members of CIMA have donated material and time to installing Cellulose insulation for various charitable organizations including Habitat for Humanity. CIMA has also started at blog allowing people to contribute products that they feel are also “Greenest of the Green.”

Currently, Cellulose only accounts for approximately 15% of the total insulation market so the environmental impact of increasing cellulose usage is enormous. By increasing cellulose usage in homes and businesses, the environment can be positively impacted by:

  • using less energy in production than any other insulation material
  • utilizing more recycled content than any other insulation material
  • minimizing greenhouse gas emissions by diverting newspaper from landfills
  • helping local communities in fund raising and “downcycling” landfill materials
  • delivering financial and energy savings


Overall, it is our belief that given two options with similar performance characteristics it is always best to choose the one that has the least impact on the natural environment.

Given that buildings contribute 40% of all CO2 released into the atmosphere it is important that we take every opportunity to make good decisions.